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Are you worried about the condition of your car? Are you on the lookout for an auto repair shop? We are the best in the business in the area and provide fixing of brakes as well as auto shocks & struts. If you are looking for a professional auto repair store that can handle shocks & struts as well as brakes, then look no further than Tire City. Although we specialize in selling old and new tires in the Ormond Beach area, we are reputed for the efficient way out technicians carry our auto repair jobs including maintenance of brakes and shocks & struts. You should be very careful about handing the job of fixing the shocks & struts and brakes of your vehicle to professionals.

All Front End Auto Repair in Ormond Beach

Most people hand over the job of repairing brakes and shocks & struts to non professionals. This can prove costly as non functioning brakes and damaged shocks can lead to an accident. To prevent this, allow out technicians to check your vehicles brakes and shocks & struts and repair the damaged shocks and brakes. Our auto repair professionals, using latest brakes and shocks diagnostic tools will detect the issues with your vehicle's shocks, brakes, and other equipment and fix them. Our auto repair shop repairs all types of brakes, shocks & struts. Come to our auto repair shop today for shocks, struts & brakes maintenance. For best brakes & shocks fixing, visit our auto repair store. If thousands of residents of the Ormond Beach area depend on us to fine tune their shocks and fix the friction plate of their vehicle's brakes, so can you.

Wheel Alignments to Improve the Life of Your Tires

Here at Tire City in Ormond Beach, we know that having good tires on your vehicle is just part of the solution. Even the best rubber is helpless against the wear and tear that is inflicted on a vehicle which requires a wheel alignment or is in need of some other type of critical front end auto repair.

Improper wheel alignment certainly wears out tires at a much faster rate than normal, but it can also prove dangerous to the occupants of the vehicle since an improperly aligned front end is put under undue stress-- which can cause catastrophic failure at times. Because we understand how critical this is, we specialize in providing a full range of wheel alignment and front end auto repair services for all of our customers.

After all, we have built up many longstanding relationships with our customers over our 33+ year career in the tire and auto repair business. We could sell a lot more tires if we didn't educate our clientele about the need for proper wheel alignment, but doing the right thing with wheel alignment and auto repair services has never harmed our tire business.

Doing What's Right Is Always The Best Auto Repair Policy

Much to the contrary, our customers here in Ormond Beach know that we care about their safety and that helps them understand that we aren't pushing needless auto repair and wheel alignment on them. They bring us their wheel alignment and front end auto repair business because they know they can trust us to treat them fairly and provide all of our auto repair services at the lowest price possible.