New Tires: Tire City Is A Brand To Trust!

Why You Should Depend On Us For New Tires In The Ormond Beach Area

New Tires in Ormond Beach Having been in the used tires business for the past 33 years in Ormond Beach, I have seen many trends come and go. I have experienced -first hand- how Ormond Beach tire dealerships fool customers into buying low quality used tires under the pretext that they're genuine new tires. However, what's perhaps more important is how I was employed by Tire City against such a testing background. Being frankly honest, there isn't a Ormond Beach used/new tires dealership I would recommend ahead of used tires from Tire City. They truly are masters and not the Jacks of all trades I met along the way. As sellers and installers of used tires, Tire City is literally where the rubber meets the road. Consider your problem solved.

As a family run used/new tires business built on solid family values, we take pride in the used tires service we provide to our loyal Ormond Beach customers. Considering that we've been selling used tires since the late 1950's, we can safely say that we've seen it all when it comes to used and new tires.

We are experienced at our craft. Every employee is a crucial cog in our operations, which is part of the reason why the staff is comprised of well-trained Ormond Beach technicians. It is all about carrying on tradition, for what is a new tires brand without a good name to stand behind it? .

There aren't that many Ormond Beach sellers of used/new tires that aren't bothered by availing the occasional free oil change every time a customer buys a set of 4 used or new tires. I mean, that's a lot of used tires, might as well throw in a small bonus with that, right?

Well, we do EXACTLY that!

Oldest & Most Reputable Ormond Beach Outlet - Used Tires & New Tires

As a topping on the cake, we have competitive and reasonable prices for used or new tires from established brands. Used tires from Kelly, Cooper, Goodrich and BF -to name a few- are our bread and butter. High performance new tires are hard to find, so jump onto the used tires bandwagon right now.