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Largest Selection of Used Tires If you live in the Ormond Beach area, it is safe to assume that you have heard about Tire City. In case you are not familiar with our company and the services we offer, you can as well consider this article an introduction. We have been in business for over 33 years and we have built a solid reputation as reliable tire dealers.

We sell brand new and used tires and we have a large stock of top quality products. Many well-informed people know we are the best destination for excellent tires of different sizes. We have Kelly tires, Cooper tires and high performance tires of different brands. We also have a huge selection of BF Goodyear tires. We know that our customers are special and this is why we always give them top quality products and excellent service. In the event that you do want to buy brand new or used tires, we also offer excellent auto repair services at great prices.

Apart from brand new tires, we have the largest selection of high quality used tires in the Ormond Beach area. In fact, these used tires are almost as good as new but you can get them at a fraction of the cost of brand new ones. Now, some people hear the words "used tires" and they think of outdated and dangerous tires but this is because they have never patronized us. Buy your used tires from us and you will come back for more.

The Used Tires Services We Offer for Ormond Beach

So many satisfied customers cannot be wrong. Patronize us and our used tires will put a smile on your face.